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Theme Editor

Create your own personalized map themes, by customizing topics, connecting lines, relationships, boundaries, as well as the map background.

Creating a custom theme

Click on the Themes icon (top toolbar) and select the Theme Editor option (1).

  1. Go to Plus (+) on the left-side panel to create a new theme
  2. Select one of the 3 options (normal map, concept map, organigram) and you will then see the structure to further customize. You can create up to 6 custom map themes.
  3. Here you can see examples of the 3 different structures.

Topic customization

The Theme Editor gives you the possibility to quickly change the way your topics look like, level by level (central topic, main topics, level 2 subtopics, etc.).

  1. The triangle on the top-right side of any topic opens up the context menu
  2. Change the topics' text format/alignment, font size/color/family, and background color
  3. Select a predefined topic color/style, copy or clear a topic's style, and change the topic's border color/weight
  4. Personalize the topics' connecting lines
  5. Choose a topic shape (rectangle, hexagon, oval, cloud shape, etc.)


Outside the Theme Editor, all subtopics added beyond level 5 will initially have the same style as the level 5 subtopic, by default.

Customize the topics' connecting lines

  1. Click on the triangle on the top-right side of any topic to open the context menu
  2. Select the 3rd tab (connecting lines panel)
  3. Choose a connection type: elbow, curve, angle, no line, etc.
  4. Change the connecting lines' weight, colors, anchor points, and the distance between topics/branches

Relationship customization

By adding labels to your relationships, you can explain the connection between topics.

  1. Click on the relationship to see the yellow circles, and drag them to manually adjust the relationship's orientation
  2. The triangle on the label opens up a context menu
  3. Change the relationship's color, weight, shape, pattern, and arrows

Boundary personalization

Boundaries will help you highlight a certain section of your map.

  1. Click on the boundary to see the triangle and click on it to open the context menu
  2. Select the desired boundary style
  3. Choose the background, and the border color/weight/pattern

Map background customization

  1. Right-click on your map to see the context menu. Here you can change the background color.
  2. Add a pattern to the map background (square, diagonal lines, etc.)
  3. Browse your computer and add one of your own images as background
  4. Personalize the fit (cover, center, etc.), or the levels of opacity and blur of your background

Saving a custom theme

  1. To save the theme, click on the Save icon from the top toolbar
  2. Your custom theme - click on the triangle to delete it or set it as default
  3. List of available themes
  4. Follow the Export Theme-Import Theme steps to use your custom theme in Mindomo Desktop, for e.g.


Set a theme as default if you want all the mind maps/concept maps/organigrams you create to have that look initially. Whenever you wish to change that, come back to the Theme Editor and choose another theme as default (or delete the current one).