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Business & Personal Subscriptions

For business usage, freelancing or personal use, Mindomo comes with 3 different subscription options:

Premium Subscription

In a business or private scenario, this subscription would suit you if you plan to:

  • structure your business strategies, risk analysis, brainstorming, and problem-solving processes
  • make visual representations of your professional or personal goals
  • take notes during reunions and highlight the key points discussed
  • prioritize your work, manage deadlines and delegate tasks
  • evaluate the progress of your business initiatives, etc.

Professional Subscription

This subscription can be used by any business professional who, additionally to what the Premium subscription has to offer, wants to:

  • share their mind maps with an unlimited number of colleagues/business associates/customers, giving their collaborators' fully premium editing rights while working on those maps, even if they are free Mindomo users or don't have an account at all

Team Subscription

As a team of professionals, this subscription allows you to:

  • have your team's work instantly available and editable to every team member, no additional sharing needed
  • allow each team member to create mind maps without limitations, individually or in collaboration
  • choose an admin who will manage the Mindomo accounts according to the team's needs (delete users, add users, etc.)


All Business/Personal packages are available for a minimum period of 6 months and give you access to the premium Desktop version for the entire duration of their availability. For more details, please visit our Pricing page