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Educational Subscriptions

For K-12, higher education, or home-schooling, Mindomo comes with 3 subscription options that can be used by students, teachers, researchers, librarians, counselors, and other training personnel.

Edu Basic Subscription

If you are a student, this subscription allows you to:

  • create visual representations of your learning material
  • summarize and organize your researched information
  • find key points in books or lessons and illustrate the connections between them
  • review your knowledge before an exam, etc.

Teachers who use this subscription can:

  • adapt the curriculum to the needs of their students
  • prepare visual lesson plans
  • organize and structure their researched information and teaching material
  • create lessons that include images, videos, and audio materials, etc.

If you are a librarian, you can use this subscription to:

  • organize, manage and spread information in the academic community
  • assist students, teachers and researchers in their research activities, etc.

Parents homeschooling their children can use this subscription to:

  • structure, organize and summarize the researched material in a visual manner
  • present the information to be taught and highlight the key points, terminology, etc.

Teacher Subscription

Teachers who use this subscription can:

  • introduce mind mapping to students and allow them to use the tool without necessarily having to create their own accounts
  • create mind map assignments where students will work individually or in groups
  • encourage students to collaborate with colleagues, identify key points in their lessons, structure information, etc.
  • use teaching techniques such as the flipped classroom in a visual manner, etc.

Classroom/School Subscription

This subscription can be used by schools and other larger educational communities that plan to:

  • allow both teachers and students to create mind maps without limitations, individually or in collaboration
  • integrate mind mapping in the LMS of their choice
  • personalize the number of mind map assignments
  • choose an admin who will manage the Mindomo accounts according to the school's needs (delete users, add users, etc.)
  • use a custom sign-up mechanism (e.g. people using an email registered on the school board e-mail domain will instantly get premium licenses when signing up for Mindomo), etc.


All Education packages are available for a minimum period of 1 year and give you access to the premium Desktop version for the entire duration of their availability. For more details, please visit our Pricing page.