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Tasks Management

Task Management with Mind Maps

Mind maps help you keep everything in one place in an organized manner: from objectives and due dates, to schedules and locations. With Mindomo mind maps you can keep track of your tasks and organize your to-do lists.

Turn a mind map into tasks

Use the TAB and ENTER keys to quickly insert topics and subtopics which you can turn into tasks and subtasks.

Click on the context menu of a topic (1), choose Tools (2) and check off the option Set as task (3). The topic becomes a task and can be divided in smaller, assignable subtasks.

Tasks and subtasks are organized hierarchically which gives you a clear overview of all tasks and their priority.

If the main topic has the option Set as task checked off, all the new subtopics will inherit it and will become subtasks. You can always remove the check mark so the newly added subtopics will not turn into subtasks (4). A branch can have tasks and topics at the same time.

Assign tasks and set deadlines

To assign a task, go to the context menu of a task topic (1) and click the option Add people (2). You will be redirected to the Share page where you type in the email address(s) of the collaborators you want to invite.

Setting a deadline for your tasks can also be done from the context menu (3). As soon as the assignee and the deadline are set, an e-mail message is automatically sent to the person completing the task. When tasks are completed or updated all collaborators on the mind map will receive email notifications.

All the detailed activity on a task is available in the Comments panel, where you can add guidelines or comments about the task completion process. If there are a lot of comments, only the most recent one will be shown, leaving older comments collapsed.

In case you want to prioritize a task or get approval for it, use the option Vote, which can be easily checked or unchecked. The vote will appear in the mind map as a thumbnail next to the task.

Set a priority for a task and monitor the completion and duration of it from the context menu of each task topic (4).


The option of adding people and setting deadline can be found in the Comments panel of each task.

Overview of completed tasks

Completed tasks are grouped under a checklist icon. This icon will show you the overall number of tasks, and by clicking it you can access each task separately. You can open any task again, by clicking on it and remove the check mark.

History of changes

Be up to date with the latest changes in your mind map: who did what and the exact date. From the top Toolbar, select Tools and choose Timeline of map changes.

A complete list of changes is accesible if you choose Tools from the context menu of a task and go to View changes for topic. This will enable you to see all the modifications made on the mind map, in terms of style as well as content of the task. You can sort the changes by name or by date for a clearer overview.

Attach files and resources

Attach any files by browsing into your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox or by dragging and dropping them on the task. You will find all of them under the attachments icon.

Collapse or expand the view of your project by using the '+' and '-' icons on task lines.

With the drilldown option you can focus on a specific task list and hide the rest of the project, leaving you focused on the tasks from that list. Choose Tools from the context menu of the task and click on Drilldown (or shortcut F6). Do the same to return to the original mind map.

Task notifications

Email notifications are sent automatically and instantly in various situations:

  • when you assign a task to someone

  • when a task is starting

  • when you set a deadline

  • when the task is due or overdue

  • when the task is completed or reopened

Notifications of all tasks due or set to start the current or the following day are sent once a day, in the morning.

Notifications of all tasks due or overdue the current week are sent once a week, on Monday morning.

When new comments are added on the task, you can choose who to receive the notification and type in the email address(s) of the people you want to share the comments with.

All you need to do is create a task and share it with people from your team by email. Mindomo will use the emails you added to send email notifications.

Search and filter tasks

You can see the tasks assigned to you or to someone else with Search or Filter options.

With Search option, the mind map will appear blurred and all search results will be highlighted in yellow.

Filter by by assignee to see to whom the task has been designated to or by due date to see overdue and upcoming tasks.

You can also filter by symbols or hashtags (#), if they are displayed in the topic tasks. If you filter by hashtags, the results will show you the topics that contain them and all the subtopics related to the task, even if they don't contain hashtags.