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Turn a mind map into a presentation

Create a presentation

Click on the Presenter icon from the map editor to enter the presentation mode.

On the top tool bar, you will be able to see the following options: - Undo/Redo - Slide list - Play Presentation - Insert Slide - Delete Slide - Back to editor.


A slide is any topic or subtopic that turns into a single page of a presentation.

You will have a default slide, containing your central topic and the main topics that branch out of it.

Add a slide

  1. You can use "+" button from the Toolbar Menu.
  2. Shortcut SHIFT + Mouse Drag

Add or remove topics from a slide

  1. After you created a slide, you can add or remove a topic by selecting it and pressing CTRL from your keyboard.
  2. Use the Context menu on the slide.

Delete a Slide

  1. Use the Context menu available on each slide.
  2. Use the Delete button from the toolbar.
  3. Use the DELETE button on your keyboard.

Arrange Slides

You can arrange your slides by dragging them in the Slide list.

Present Topics Collapsed

  1. Select Present Topics Collapsed from Slides Context Menu.
  2. Topics that are included in a Slide and have subtopics (children) that are outside the Slide will be viewed as collapsed.

Resize Slides

You can drag the corners of each Slide to your desired size. As you cover topics, they will be included in the selected slide.

Playing the Presentation

You can visualize how your presentation will look by entering the Play Mode. Click on Play (1) or press F5 (2) on your keyboard.

Hide presentation

Click on the File Menu on the top left corner and select Hide presentation. The presentation will not be shown when the map is in View mode.