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Mind maps in Microsoft Teams

Mindomo for Microsoft Teams allows you to create and edit mind maps effortlessly, straight from your Microsoft Teams channel. Mind maps will instantly become available to all the members of your team.

To access Mindomo for Teams, go to 'Store' from the bottom left side of your MS Teams account and search for Mindomo:

Then click on the Mindomo logo and you will be redirected to the following panel, where you have two options:

Individual work

Open mind maps

Choose this option to work individually on your mind maps. You will be redirected to your Mindomo Dashboard. If you want to share your mind map, click on the 'Share' icon from the map's top right corner.


Team collaboration in Mindomo

Choose this option if you want to work with your team on your mind maps.

  1. Click on the button with the arrow and choose "Add to a team".

  2. Click on the Search bar and then select the team and channel name where you want to add Mindomo.

  3. Click on "Set up a tab".

  4. You will be redirected to the following panel, where you can create a new map or open an existing one:

The mind maps created here will be automatically shared with your team and opened on your channel in a new tab.