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Search and filter tasks

With this functionality, you can find with ease all tasks from mind maps, concept maps, and Gantt charts and keep them organized. You do not need to look in each mind map or Gantt Chart to find tasks and not even wait for the tasks notifications through e-mail. You will see them in one place. In this way, you will get a better overview of all projects and tasks assigned to you and others.

Furthermore, you will be able to identify what are your deadlines and what tasks are urgent.

Search and filter tasks in a mind map

In a mind map, you can filter tasks by:

  • assignee (user with an account or ghost user)
  • hashtag
  • symbols

Search in a mind map

You can see the tasks assigned to you or someone else with Search or Filter options. You can also look for any topics in a mind map, even if they are not tasks.

With the Search option, the mind map will appear blurred and all search results will be highlighted.

Filter tasks by assignee

You can assign tasks to one or more of your collaborators. They can also assign tasks to you. You can filter tasks by the assignee to see to whom the task has been assigned.

You can filter tasks by using the names of your real collaborators with Mindomo accounts that have been assigned tasks and also by using Ghost user’s names that you have created.

Search and filter tasks assigned to ghost users

With ghost users, you can monitor tasks’ progress but don’t need to involve your colleagues on the map. You can filter and search tasks based on the ghost user that has been assigned those tasks. The ghost user name will appear in your Tasks list and Search.

Filter tasks by Hashtag

Hashtag helps you tag words in a topic and allows you to find specific content easier. You will be able to see accurate matches for your search or results that feature individual phrases in your search.

To add a hashtag type # and your word right after that. It should look like this #online then press Enter.

The hashtags will be automatically displayed in the filtering bar, where you will see how many times it appears in your mind map (1).

If you filter by hashtags, the results will show you the topics that contain them and all the subtopics related to the task, even if they don't contain hashtags.

Filter tasks by symbols

You can also filter by symbols, which will be shown in the filter bar, under the hashtags. You will see the symbols you have used in the Search bar and you can choose from there.

Search and filter tasks in all your mind maps from Dashboard

Besides the fact that you can filter tasks in your mind maps, you have some options to search for tasks and filter them from the Dashboard, to have an overview of all the tasks from all mind maps, concept maps and Gantt Charts. You can see tasks that have due dates soon, that are more important, that have been completed and that have suffered some changes.

Therefore, you can filter tasks on the Dashboard by:

  • assignee (assigned to you, assigned to you that are due, assigned to a given user or ghost user)
  • due date
  • priority level
  • date of creation
  • date of completion
  • updates

If you go to the Dashboard and type #tips on the Search bar, you will see a list of hashtags that you can use to search and filter specific categories of tasks.

Filter tasks by assignee

Use the hashtag #tasks:mine to see all tasks assigned to you.

Use the hashtag #tasks:(user name) to see all tasks assigned to a Mindomo user or a ghost user.

Filter tasks by the due date

Use the hashtag #tasksall:due to see all tasks that are due in order to remember what you and your colleagues have to do exactly. There you will see all the tasks on all the maps you have access to, whether they are yours or shared with you.

Use the hashtag #tasks:due to see all the tasks assigned to you that are due.

Filter tasks by the due date and see overdue and upcoming tasks. In this way, you will be able to prioritize the urgent ones. You can use hashtags like:

  • #tasks:today
  • #tasks:tomorrow
  • #tasks:week
  • #tasks:month

In this way, you can go through all the tasks that have deadlines today, tomorrow, this week, or this month.

Filter tasks by priority level

Set priority levels to your tasks so then you can filter them and do the most important ones first. You will save a lot of time if you don't look for the tasks in all your mind maps and instead filter them using the Search function and writing hashtags like the ones below:

  • #tasks:priority1
  • #tasks:priority2

You can set the priority of your tasks from 1 to 9.

Filter tasks by date of creation

You can filter your tasks by the time they were created to see how much it took to get to the progress achieved recently. Use hashtags like the ones below to filter your tasks based on the date they have been created:

  • #tasks:created:today
  • #tasks:created:yesterday
  • #tasks:created:week

Filter tasks by date of completion

Seeing tasks that have been completed motivates you to do more and more tasks. Use the hashtag #tasks:closed:today to have an overview of the tasks completed today.

Similarly to the other types of filtering, you can also use hashtags like:

  • #tasks:closed:yesterday
  • #tasks:closed:week

Filter tasks by updates

If you want to get an overview of all tasks and see the improvements that you and your colleagues have made, you can filter your tasks by the day they have been modified, using these hashtags:

  • #tasks:modified:today
  • #tasks:modified:yesterday
  • #tasks:modified:week

Filter mind maps

When you create mind maps and share them with your collaborators, they can contribute and make changes to them. To see all changes from those maps, if the map notification option for map changes was not selected when you shared the map, you can use the Search bar from the Dashboard.

Here you can filter your mind maps by:

  • creator
  • updates

Filter mind maps by the creator

You can filter mind maps based on the name of the collaborator that has created them. Use the hashtag #maps:(user name) to search for the maps created by a given user.

Filter mind maps by updates

Similar to tasks that have been modified, you can filter your mind maps based on the day when there were made changes to them. Use the following hashtags to see the mind map updates made by you and your collaborators:

  • #maps:today
  • #maps:yesterday
  • #maps:week
  • #maps:month

Use these searching and filtering features to be more productive and organize your tasks. In this way, you and your collaborators will have a better understanding of each other's tasks and deadlines.