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My Account


To see the list of your invoices, click on your initials/picture from your dashboard, then below on your name, and access 'My Account' panel:

Go to the Invoice/Proforma section on the left side to see or download your invoices and proforma invoices.

Personal Information

  1. To update your personal info and profile picture, got to 'Personal Info' section from the 'My Account' panel:

  2. If you want your information to be visible in your public profile, check off the box "Show this information in your public profile".

  3. To change your password, go to the 'Password' section on the left side, type in your current password and the new password, then click on 'Save'. If you forgot your password or you don't know it because you signed up through a third-party account, use this link to set a new password:

Also, from this section you can update your 'username', which will be used for the login instead of the email address.

Change your email address

To change your email address click your initials/picture from your dashboard, then below on your name, and access 'My Account' panel. Go to 'Personal Info' section from the left side and type in your new email address then click on 'Update'.


Please note that changing your email address will require reactivating your account from the link that we will send to your updated email address.

Change your Account Type

If you want to use a different account type than the one you set at Sign up, you need to access the 'My Account' panel, by clicking on your initials/picture from your dashboard, then clicking on your name:

From the left side of 'My Account' panel, you can set your account type to:

  • Personal/Business
  • Teacher
  • Student

Switch Subscription Type

If you already purchased a package, you can see its details (type and availability) from 'My Account' panel and the 'Membership' section.

Here you have option to extend your subscription or to switch to a different type. If you choose to switch, please contact us at and we will change it for you.

Desktop license

If you purchase an online subscription you get premium access to the Desktop version for the entire subscription period. The Desktop license key can be found under this section. To activate the premium Desktop license on your desktop app you need to copy and paste the license information entirely (including the Name, Key, Date), otherwise it won't work.

From your Desktop app, click on the question mark icon, then on 'License Info' to open the licensing dialog:

Paste the license key then click on 'Validate':


You may use the same license key twice: to activate your premium license on your workstation and to activate it on a portable device for your exclusive use.

Erase my Account

To delete your account click on your initials/picture from your dashboard, then below on your name, and access 'My Account' panel. From the left side go to 'Mindomo Info' section and click on 'Erase your account'.


Please note that this option will permanently delete your Mindomo account along with all the data connected to it.

Also, prior to deletion you can download all your Mindomo data. To do this, first create the file with all the information, so you can download afterwards.