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Searching mind maps

Search across all mind maps

You can search for specific content in all your Mindomo mind maps right from the dashboard.

Use the Search bar on the upper right side of your Dashboard, to go through all mind maps, both your own and the ones created by others and published into the Public Gallery.

Type a specific keyword in the Search bar and all your mind maps that match that specific keyword in terms of map title, content in topics, notes, comments or the Task info section, will be displayed.

Other users' public mind maps will be displayed right after your mind maps, in case you are interested in other people's ideas. The public mind maps will open in the View mode in a new tab.

To make your search results more obvious, the keyword will be highlighted everywhere it appears. If the keyword is in a note, a comment or Task info, the panel will be automatically expanded.

Search inside a mind map

You can look for specific content within a mind map, using Search and Filter options.

With Search option, all search results will be highlighted in yellow and the mind map will appear blurred.

Mindomo supports wildcards, represented as an asterisk (*) and they can appear anywhere in a searched term. An asterisk used at the end of the word will match all results with words beginning with that sequence. If used at the beginning of the word, it will match all sequels that contain or end with it.

For example, if you look for 'business plan', the search results will highlight either 'business' or 'plan'. But if you want to search for both words in the same context (the same topic or note), then use the '+' (plus) in front of every word of the phrase (+business +plan) and the search will go through the mind map, look for both phrases that contain 'business' and 'plan' and highlight them in different colours.


We have a list of short words which are not included in the basic Search, such as 'to', 'so', 'and', 'not' etc.

Filter by Hashtag

Hashtag helps you tag words in a topic and allows you to find specific content easier. You will be able to see accurate matches for your search or results that feature individual phrases in your search.

To add a hashtag type # and your word right after that. It should look like this #online then press Enter.

The hashtags will be automatically displayed in the filtering bar, where you will see how many times it appears in your mind map (1).

If you filter by hashtags, the results will show you the topics that contain them and all the subtopics related to the task, even if they don't contain hashtags.

You can also filter by symbols, which will be shown in the filter bar, under the hashtags.