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Sharing mind maps

Sharing a mind map can be done from the dashboard, if you click on the context menu on the right side of each mind map (1) or directly from the mind map.

Private Sharing

1. Type in the email address of the persons you want to share the mind map with.

2. You can check or uncheck the options of email invitation and notifications depending on your preferences.


The person will receive an email invitation to collaborate on your mind map and notifications if the mind map changes. This option requires email registration, if the person doesn't yet have a Mindomo account, they will be redirected to create one.

3. Set access rights: the user can edit or can view the mind map, depending on the map owner's settings.

4. Click on Send

Editors Rights

1. Editors are allowed to add people and change the permissions.

2. Only the owner can change the permissions.

Public Sharing

By default, a mind map is private but you can change its settings (1) to make it public.

1. The mind map will be public in the Mindomo Gallery meaning that Anyone can view it.

2. The mind map will be accessible for Anyone who has the link to the map.

3 Click on Save.

Anyone who has the link to the map can both view and edit the map using fully premium features, and no email registration is required.


The option of editing is available only with the paid Professional subscription

4. Get a direct link to give view access to the mind map, embed it or view the map as RSS and HTML.

If the mind map is public, you can use the Link to share and the map will open in view mode. If it's shared with the editors via email, the mind map will open the editor mode.

Sharing with guests

You can share your map with a guest user, who can be a member of your team or an external collaborator which you enable to access and edit your mind maps using all of Mindomo's premium features.


The access of a guest user who can edit is available only with a paid Professional subscription

If your guests are already registered Mindomo users with free accounts, the maps you share will not be counted as one of their 3 available mind maps.

If your guests don't have a Mindomo account, you give them access to your maps by changing the map access from private to public, then simply by enabling the Anyone with the link can edit option (1).

Shared Team folder

This option enables team members direct access to mind maps in the Shared Team folder where all the maps you create/move are instantly accessible and editable for the entire team.


The access to the Shared Team folder is available only with a Team subscription

You can learn more about the features of the Team license here.

Mind map password protection

For extra safety you can set a password for your mind map. The password is useful when you publish a map and want to share it only with certain persons. Sharing the password will give them access to view and edit the mind map.


The password option is available only with a paid Professional subscription