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Shortcut key Description
INS or TAB Inserts a new child topic (subtopic)
ENTER Insert a sibling topic below
SHIFT + ENTER Inserts a sibling topic above
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER Insert a new parent topic
DEL Delete topic
CTRL + L Starts inserting a relationship
CTRL + F Find topic
F6 Drill Down on selected topic
F7 Center Map
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
ALT + SHIFT + D Add/Remove Boundary
CTRL + K Turn topic into a task
CTRl + double click Insert floating topic

Edit Map

Shortcut key Description
CTRL + X Cut topic
CTRL + C Copy topic
CTRL + V Paste topic
CTRL + D Duplicate topic
CTRL + /CTRL+ Move topic up / down
Shortcut key Description
←→ Navigate between topics
CTRL + ALT + ←→ Pan the mind map
CTRL + scroll wheel or + Zoom in
CTRL + scroll wheel or - Zoom out

Edit Title

Shortcut key Description
CTRL + E or F2 Edit topic
ENTER Save changes
ESC Cancel changes
SHIFT + ENTER Add line break
CTRL + B Toggle bold
CTRL + I Toggle italic
CTRL + U Toggle underline
CTRL + > Increase font size
CTRL + < Decrease font size


Shortcut key Description
CTRL + A Select all topics
SHIFT + Mouse Drag Select topics under the drag rectangle
CTRL + Click On Topic Add/Remove from selected topics

Expand / Collapse

Shortcut key Description
SPACE Collapses the selected topic (hides all subtopics)
CTRL + 1/2/3/4 Show 1/2/3/all levels of subtopics, and collapse the rest
CTRL + 0 Collapse map


Shortcut key Description
SHIFT + F2 Open Notes Panel
SHIFT + F3 Open Hyperlink Panel
SHIFT + F4 Open Multimedia Panel
SHIFT + F5 Open Icons Panel
SHIFT + F7 Paste Branch Dialog
SHIFT + F8 Copy Branch Dialog