Learn Literature

Create mind map assignments following the steps from this section. Learn how to introduce group work to students and then use the following exercises to teach them how to learn collaboratively. You can also create other exercises that you think would fit well with the lessons you teach in class.

These exercises help students clarify some notions about the books they have read and the characters in the books. Also, you can use some of them to organize brainstorming sessions where students can create new characters and stories. In this way, they will have fun with their colleagues and develop their creativity at the same time.

Exercise 1:

Select a novel, play, or any other piece of literature you want to teach in your class. Ask groups to create a mind map based on the novel you selected. The mind map can contain:

  • The plot
  • The author
  • The purpose of the book
  • The main characters (use short sentences to describe the characters)
  • The main events
  • Memorable quotations

Students who will make a detailed analysis of the book will receive the maximum grade. They can organize the mind map as they want, thinking about creative ways to present information.

They can use this book summary template as a starting point when they create their map.

Exercise 2:

Ask groups to choose a character from a novel and create a mind map focusing on:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the character
  • Two or three statements about the character
  • Character contradictions
  • Quotations
  • Words that come to your mind when you think about that character

They can take this characterization study template as an example for the map they are going to create.

Exercise 3:

Ask students to build a character for a book. They can use this template for character development.

They can get inspired from existing book characters or create their own and original character with features that no character had in books, plays, etc.

Those who come up with a great idea for an original character will get bonus points.