Learn Literature


  1. Create a Mind Map Assignment and add your students

  2. Set your assignment so that your students will work collaboratively in groups of 2, 4

  3. Select a novel, playwright or any other piece of literature you want to teach in your class.

    Exercise 1: Ask groups to create a mind map-based on the novel you selected. The mind map should contain:

    • The Plot
    • The Characters (use short sentences to describe the characters)
    • Memorable quotations

    Exercise 2: Ask groups to choose a character from the novel and create a mind map focusing on

    • Strenghts and weaknesses of the character
    • Two or three statements about the character
    • Character contradictions
    • Quotations
    • Words that come to your mind when you think about that character
  4. To review your student's work go to Assignment Status. Reward the mind map which has the best ideas and discuss the results with your class.