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Group work in and outside the classroom

If you want to introduce group exercises to students, follow these steps:

Create Assignment

Create a Mind Map Assignment and share it with your students.

Click on "Create".

Then click on "Blank assignment".

Use predefined assignment

Mindomo offers many predefined template assignments. At this first step, when you create the assignment, you can choose any of the variants below and adapt them to collaborative learning.

Divide Students Into Groups

All your students can work together in a group or you can divide your class into teams of 2 or more students.

Choose Template for Assignment

If you want to create your own mind map assignment follow these steps:

  1. Choose the option "Blank assignment".
  2. Click on "Choose template".

  3. Use any template from the Mindomo gallery or from the templates you created.

Create Template for Assignment

If you don't want to use an existing template, you can also create a new template directly from the Blank assignment.

  1. Click on "Choose template".

  2. Click on "Create new".

  3. Choose a theme and create a mind map.

  4. Transform the mind map into a template. Find here all the steps for creating a template from a mind map.

Set Due Date

Ask students to complete the assignment in a required time period. You can tell them to complete it at school or give it as homework.

Review Students' Work

To review your students' work go to Assignment Status and click on "View Progress". Reward the mind map which has the best ideas and arguments and discuss the results with your class.

Group Exercises

Benefits of these activities:

  • Learning new things
  • Discovering themselves
  • Learning to use digital tools
  • Collaborating with colleagues (even if they are at home they can collaborate online.)

These exercises are important for students because it helps them develop teamwork and intellectual skills.

Each student has a unique perspective about a subject. By working collaboratively, they put their ideas together to solve the exercises even better than they would have done it individually.

The teacher can see the concepts added by each student, so he/she can properly evaluate their work.

The whole group can be evaluated at the same time and if there are students that come up with more ideas, the teacher can give them extra points.

In this way, the teacher can evaluate students in different situations and see how they respond to question, how fast they respond, and if they have any comprehension problems.

The value of teamwork is undeniable. Students acquire certain soft skills that will help in their personal and professional life. By working in a team, they will be able to finish the assignment faster, come up with more ideas, and have fun at the same time.

Individual Assignments

Of course, an assignment can also be created for individual work. The teacher can ask students to do the assignment independently and then discuss the ideas together.

There are also some benefits for individual assignments:

  • More perspectives on the same subject that can be discussed later
  • Learning the whole process by doing all the steps on their own
  • More flexible completion time
  • Better understanding of the subject

Students can understand differently what they have to do and then influence their peers. If they are working individually and a student will not understand the question, he/she will ask the teacher to clarify it. In this way, there won't be misunderstandings.

Flexible learning with Mindomo

It is a good idea to combine group learning with individual learning so that the student has the best learning experience.

Mindomo offers opportunities for both ways of learning: students can work in a team, can share maps and chat, but at the same time, they can work individually and only share the mind map with the teacher. Mindomo offers dedicated templates: some of them can be used in a learning group for reviewing or learning new things and others can be used individually.

Diagramming in Mindomo offers so much flexibility and it facilitates:

  • Collaboration in and outside the classroom
  • Access to both group and individual assignments
  • Use of predefined template assignments or the possibility to create new assignments from scratch