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LTI Integrations

To help you make better use of Mindomo from your existing Learning Management System, we have developed several integrations with the most popular LMS tools.


Used by universities, schools and institutions all over the world, Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It enables teachers to post online grades, information, and assignments. For additional information, please see Canvas integration.


Moodle is a virtual learning environment used for blended learning, distance learning and other e-learning projects in schools, universities and workplaces. The software is available in many countries worldwide and its customizable management features allow you to create private websites with online courses for teachers and trainers to achieve learning objectives. For more details, please go to Moodle integration.


D2L is an integrated learning platform designed to create a single place online for teachers and students to interact, either for a completely online course or as a supplement to a face-to-face course.The platform indicates the performance of learners so that actions can be taken to keep students on track in real time. Find out more details on D2L integration.


Designed for both lower and higher degrees of education, from kindergartens and primary schools to colleges, itslearning is a digital learning management system used for interaction and collaboration, as well as a tool for administration, evaluation and following up on students/pupils. For additional information, please see Itslearning integration.


Blackboard is a virtual learning environment which allows to upload the content and modules of the course, to interact with students using integrated communication tools, to gather their tests and assignments and to grade students' work. See more information about Blackboard integration.


Schoology is a virtual learning environment and a social networking service developed for K-12 school and higher education institutions which allows the creation, sharing and management of educational content. With this type of LMS, teachers are able to manage an online classrooom. See more information about our Schoology integration.