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SAML-based single sign on (SSO) gives you and your team members access to Mindomo through an identity provider (IDP) of your choice.

Sign up with SAML SSO

  1. Create an account, click on 'More ways to sign up' and choose 'Sign up with SAML SSO'.

  1. Enter your organization email and click on 'Start Single Sign On'. You will be redirected to the identity login provider (IDP) your company uses (such as Okta or OneLogin) where you enter your Mindomo email and password you are registered with.

  1. If your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO) with Mindomo, sign up using your SSO credentials on the IDP. Once you do that, your account will be automatically created and the Mindomo dashboard will open.


  1. Log in to your existing Mindomo account, click on 'More ways to log in', choose 'Log in with SAML SSO' then 'Start Single Sign On'.
  2. If your organization uses SAML with Mindomo, please log in using your SAML credentials (user and email domain).