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Creating Templates

Create a Map template

A template is a mind map pattern that already contains some data with guidelines on a particular topic. It is a tool for implementing a sketch map for a particular topic, whether it is related to business or education.

In essence, a template offers the framework that brings all the components of a specific subject together and serves as a starting point for creating a fresh mind map.

Why creating a template

Let's say you have several projects coming up, all of them with the same pattern, but different information. You can easily create a map template that you can complete with different information, depending on the project you're working on and keep the format for all other similar projects.

A map template is also useful for whenever you have a mind map with the same basic structure but with different detailed information.

Anyone can create his/her own map template. If you're a business consultant, maybe you need the same basic structure of a mind map but with different information from several clients.

Or maybe you're a teacher who wants to give students indications or suggestions to start their own mind maps and you choose a map template as a starting line.

How to create a template

Any mind map can be turned into a template map by adding additional guiding notes to one of its topics.

Click on the arrow icon on the top right corner of a topic, to enter its context menu, select Tools and choose Edit template. When the editable dialog box opens, you can start editing and creating your template.

After any change you make in the dialog box, you can press the Preview button, on the top left corner of the dialog box to check the way the content of the topic is shown. Then press again Edit, on the top right corner, to return to the editable mode and work on your template.

Fixed/Input options

If you want to create a descriptive topic, which only develops the structure of a template and brings information but it doesn't require filling in, choose the option of Fixed and type in your text, in the dialog box. If the Fixed is checked off, this means that when navigating between topics, the cursor will skip the fixed topic and go to the next topic/subtopic.

In case you wish to have topics with background text which should be edited and filled in, then select the option Input. This enables you to enter your information and the background text will get replaced with the new content.

The dialog box has a top toolbar with several options to support you in creating your template:

  1. Select the type of emphasis for your text - Bold, Italic or Underline before typing. You can also type your text, afterwards select it and choose one of the three options. Click on the Preview button to see the way the text is displayed.

  2. Choose the Hyperlink option if you want to insert a link in your text. Replace the default text with the link you want and click on the Preview button to see how it looks.

  3. If you want to include a list in your text, choose the way you want the paragraphs to begin, Bulleted or Numbered. Then click on the Preview button to check it.

  4. In case you want to add multimedia (image, video, audio) in your topic, choose the forth option and replace the default text between the brackets with the link of the picture, then view it with the Preview button.

  5. You have the option to choose an image from a list. Insert the link of the image and replace the default text between the brackets. Click on the Preview button to see the way it looks.

  6. You have the option to choose an icon from a list. Insert the link of the icon and replace the default text between the brackets. Click on the Preview button to see the way it is displayed.

  7. You can create a list of suggested options of answer which will be added to the topic as a sibling topic. Click on the "pen" and replace the default text between the brackets with the content you want. Then click on the Preview button to see how the text is displayed.

Add a default branch

You can add a default branch with one or more subtopics if you want to give the opportunity of multiple options of answer, for a specific issue or set of issues.

Click on the topic/subtopic/branch you want to copy. Enter the context menu and select Copy or alternatively use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C to copy it.

Then click on the topic/subtopic you want to paste it to and on the dialog box, select Paste. The topic/subtopic/branch added will automatically appear when you want to insert a new one. You have the option to Update or Remove it anytime, from the dialog box.

Publish template

To share your template mind map with others, you need to make it publicly available. First publish your mind map.

Then go to the "i" icon and click on "Edit":

Tick off both options:

Then when you share your mind map with others the copy and edit option will appear on the bottom left corner.

By clicking on this option your collaborator will be enabled to complete the map template which will open in a new tab a copy of the template, with the same characteristics, ready to be completed.