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Using Templates


Using a template

A map template is a mind map structure already containing some information with guiding instructions about a specific subject. It is an instrument for providing a practical solution to create a mind map about an individual subject, be it related to personal/work or education. Basically a template provides the structure that brings together all the elements of a particular topic and serves as a starting point for a new mind map.

Templates functionalities

Templates can be found on the Dashboard and are adapted, depending on the different type of accounts, Educational or Personal/Work. You can use the 'Search' option to find a specific template.

When clicking on a template, a dialog box with the summary of the mind map will open, explaining what is the purpose of the specific map template.

Some topics may contain informative notes about the topic or branch, which are intended to help you.

Click next to start working on your mind map. You will be moved to the next topic with guidelines. Using the next and previous navigation buttons, you can move between the guiding instructions.

A template contains two types of topics:

  • descriptive topics which build up the structure of the mind map (1).

  • topics with background text which should be edited and filled in by you. Once you enter your information the background text will get replaced (2).

Template options

Some of the topics will contain additional resources like images, icons or text suggestions.

A template might have the option to choose an icon or an image from a specific list in order to add it to the selected topic and mark it. It might also have a list of suggested texts which will be added to the topic as a child topic.

Default branch

Some topics will have a branch attached by default. That means that when you insert a new 'child topic', this new branch will be added, instead of a new topic being inserted. This will speed up the process of creating your mind map by having at your fingertip predefined branches in case you need to repeat them several times.

If you have more than one answer for a particular question or set of questions, you can add a default branch with one or multiple subtopics.

Click on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the topic and choose "Insert Subtopic" from the context menu.

Or use the keyboard shortcut to quickly create a topic: press the TAB key to insert an editable subtopic and ENTER to insert a sibling topic that you can fill in. The new inserted subtopic will be the same as the original one.

Some templates end with a Where to next section which makes you reflect on what you realized by filling in the map template and what are the next steps towards achieving your objective.

Removing template data

A map template predetermines the flow of your ideas with the help of a predefined scheme and auxiliary information. However, if you want to keep a clean and tidy mind map, you can choose to remove the template data. This way, your mind map will contain only the facts and figures you considered relevant and filled in in the template.

Go to the menu in the top toolbar and select Tools, then Remove template data. The confirmation message 'The template data has been removed successfully' will be displayed.


The business map templates can be used only with a personal/work subscription (Premium, Professional, Team). The educational templates can be accessed only with a education subscription (Edu basic, Teacher, Classroom/School).