Group Debate

Create mind map assignments following the steps from this section. Learn how to introduce group work to students and then use the following exercises to teach them how to learn collaboratively. You can also create other exercises that you think would fit well with the lessons you teach in class.

Exercise 1:

Allow each group to have a 10-minute collaborative brainstorming session to break down the topic into levels:

  • They should choose 3 main ideas to present in front of the class
  • They should take notes on the mind map during the debate (short ideas not sentences)

Then organize a group discussion and debate to see what their ideas were and offer bonus points to teams that have had the best ideas.

Exercise 2:

Divide your students into groups of 2 or 4. Allow each group to brainstorm together for 10 minutes on a specific topic. When they are done, have them present the mind map with their ideas in front of the class.