Create mind map assignments following the steps from this section. Learn how to introduce group work to students and then use the following exercises to teach them how to learn collaboratively. You can also create other exercises that you think would fit well with the lessons you teach in class.

Exercise 1:

Ask every team to create a mind map with the planets of our solar system.

These are the requirements that students should follow when they are creating their maps:

  • Find images for each Planet and attach them to the correct topic. Use Mindomo to search and include other resources from Wikipedia, Flickr, or Google.
  • Find at least 2 essential facts about each planet, such as size, distance from the Earth, or any other specific characteristics.

Exercise 2:

A similar exercise would be to ask groups to complete this Solar system's planets template with position from the sun, distance from Earth, and the time it takes to go around the sun.

Exercise 3:

Ask groups to learn the different forms of energy, how they are generated and stored, and their main advantages and disadvantages. Then, ask them to present in class the ideas they have learned. The team that will have the most detailed presentation will get bonus points at the evaluation.

Exercise 4:

Ask groups to study this template about extreme weather and come up with ideas of emergency procedures and safety tips that they can do before the tornado, during the tornado, and after the tornado has left the area.

Exercise 5:

Ask students to think about the effects of climate change and how it will affect our lives and the environment in the future.