1. Create a Mind Map Assignment and add your students

  2. Set your assignment so that your students will work collaboratively in groups of 2, 4

    Exercise 1 Chemistry: Ask every team to do a mind map with 5 important categories which have already been taught or presented.

    Their mind maps should contain:

    • At least 3 activities for each member of the team
    • Short description of the activity
    • Focus on key facts, do not use long sentences

    Exercise 2 Solar System Planets: Ask every team to create a mind map with the planets of our solar system.

    The requirements for each map should be as it follows:

    • Find images for each Planet and attach them to the correct topic. Use Mindomo to search and include other resources from Wikipedia, Flickr, or Google.
    • Find at least 2 essential facts about each planet, such as: "size", "distance from earth", or other characteristics that are specific to them.
  3. To review your student's work go to Assignment Status. Reward the mind map which has the best ideas and discuss the results with your class.