Web Design

Create mind map assignments following the steps from this section. Learn how to introduce group work to students and then use the following exercises to teach them how to learn collaboratively. You can also create other exercises that you think would fit well with the lessons you teach in class.

Exercise 1:

Ask every student to create a mind map with relevant topics for a website structure.

Some topic examples are:

  • "About me"
  • "Hobbies"
  • "Favourite movies"
  • "Favourite band"
  • "Games"

They can use these examples as a starting point and come up with new ideas.

Exercise 1:

Ask students to create a map with the structure of their future website. The map should contain:

  • A Homepage
  • A "Contact" page
  • An "About" page
  • A Sitemap
  • Topic-related information

They should look for resources through Mindomo Media:

  • Resources from Google, Wikipedia, and/or Flicker
  • At least 5 images related to the future website-