Web Design


  1. Create a Mind Map Assignment and add your students

  2. Set your assignment so that your students will work collaboratively in groups of 2, 4

  3. Ask every student to create a mind map with relevant topics for a website structure.

    Topic Examples:

    • About me
    • Hobbies
    • Favourite movies
    • Favourite band
    • Games

    Create a simple map with the structure of your future website. The site map should contain:

    • Home
    • Contact
    • About
    • Sitemap
    • Topic related information

    Look for resources through Mindomo Media:

    • From Google, Wikipedia and/or Flicker
    • At least 5 images should be related to the future website
  4. To review your student's work go to Assignment Status. Reward the mind map which has the best ideas and discuss the results with your class.