Learn Historical Figures


  1. Create a Mind Map Assignment and add your students

  2. Set your assignment so that your students will work collaboratively in groups of 2, 4

    Exercise 1: Choose a historical figure e.g. Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Ask groups to come up with 9 facts about the chosen historical figure. Please see the example below.

    Exercise 2: Ask groups to choose one historical figure, whom they think it had the biggest impact on history.

    • Groups have to come up with 5 main reasons why the chosen historical figure had the biggest impact on history.
    • For every reason provided, the groups should add 3 supportive arguments.

    Optionally, you can create your own mind map and attach it to the assignment, giving a few options as indications for your students.

  3. To review your student's work go to Assignment Status. Reward the mind map which has the best ideas and discuss the results with your class.