Learn Historical Figures

Create mind map assignments following the steps from this section. Learn how to introduce group work to students and then use the following exercises to teach them how to learn collaboratively. You can also create other exercises that you think would fit well with the lessons you teach in class.

Exercise 1:

Choose a historical figure: Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., etc. Ask groups to come up with 9 facts about the chosen historical figure. Please see the example below: a template where students should add facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

This is an example of a completed assignment:

Exercise 2:

Ask groups to choose a historical figure that changed the world.

  • Groups have to come up with 5 main reasons why the chosen historical figure had the most important impact on history.
  • For every reason provided, the groups should add 3 supportive arguments.

Optionally, you can create a mind map/template like the one below and attach it to the assignment, giving a few indications for your students.